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Dr.Todd SheppardWelcome to my website, After years of procrastination I finally got organized and found a great company, Smart Web Canada who were willing and able to create a truly different dental website. I now have the internet presence that I have been envisioning for several years.

My goal was to create a small but interesting website. You won’t find a lot of traditional dental material here because, frankly, I find that stuff is really boring. Instead, I hope to provide stories and commentary on the things I find interesting, both dental and non-dental, and I hope you find interesting too.
So please check back often and let me know if you like what you see. At any time please send me an email (on any topic) to and I will usually respond to you within a day or two.

Guatemala 2016

This past February my daughter, Taylor, and I went to Guatemala with Kindness in Action, an Alberta based non-profit organization. After flying into Guatemala City... Read More

The Chimp Paradox

The Mind Management Program By Steve Peters MD Book Review All elite athletes talk about being the ‘the zone’. Is it possible to put yourself... Read More